Kynofos 21 is a rich source of bioavailable phosphorus and calcium. The blend containers Monocalcium Phosphate (MCP) and Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate (DCP) in the ratio of approximately 3:1. This results in a blend which has a high (75%) solubility in the rumen. Please click here for more information.

Working on a breeder cow eating 150 grams of dry lick per head per day with a 20% (200kg / tonne) inclusion rate, cattle would be getting 4.71 g of available phosphorus per head per day for every 150 g of lick consumed.

Depending on the animals being fed, ideal intakes for breeder cattle during the Wet season (Green grass) is 10 grams per head per day of available phosphate.  During the Dry season (Dry pasture) is 6 grams per head per day.  Lactating cows use 1 gram of phosphate for each liter of milk produced for the calf, so a calf drinking 6 liters of milk, the breeder cow needs 6 grams of available phosphate per day to satisfy this milk production.

Phosphorus is an essential mineral required by cattle all year round for skeletal growth, prevention of bone chewing, improved reproductive performance, improved growth rates and pasture utilisation.

In the wet season, pasture energy and protein are sufficient and phosphorus is the first limiting nutrient. In the dry season, providing phosphorus in addition to a nitrogen source will unlock the energy stored in dried pastures.  Therefore increasing pasture utilisation.

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Vital Millpack All Poultry can be used for both layer and broiler birds.

It is a synergistic combination of fermentable and non-fermentable fibres which can counteract several digestive issues. Click here for our functional fibre product: Opticell.

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